Between the colonnades by the Sheep Gate in Jerusalem, the waters of the pool of Bethesda were quiet most of the time. Five roofs kept any rain from disturbing the water and walls kept the wind at bay. But from time to time, something stirred the water.

Was there an angel sent by God to stir the water and heal the first person who entered the pool? Or was the stirring caused by some unknown but natural source? Was the hope of healing nothing more than superstition? We are not told.

What we do know is that the pool of Bethesda had for 38 years offered not only promise but also disappointment to a certain sick man.

Jesus accomplished in the time it takes to speak a few words what the pool failed to accomplish in 38 long years. “Get up, take up your bed, and walk” said the Lord. With that, the sick man was healed.

Today, you can visit the ruins of the pool of Bethesda in Jerusalem. But we don’t need to go there to experience a supernatural touch from God.

There is a supernatural Person right here in our church. While this nation clamors about the pool, watching for the latest stir, Jesus is right here in the midst of the church, always with us. And Jesus is working in our midst…”My Father is working until now, and I am working” (John 5:17).

Do we recognize who it is that dwells among us?
Do we remember what He commissioned us to do?
Do we realize what power is available to us?

Let’s not be distracted by the stirrings of the culture in which we live. Instead, let’s look to Jesus and be stirred by His Spirit. Realize what He is doing right here and now among us.

–14 people just completed the New Member class
–27 are involved with Disciples Who Make Disciples
–14 are being discipled in Christianity 101
–new people are attending the church almost every week
–the kids and youth are growing stronger and reaching out
–new community groups and bible studies are starting
–there are short-term missions and possible long-term callings
–congregational singing has been growing stronger and stronger

The culture we live in is like the pool of Bethesda. It’s worse than that. It’s a cesspool. If you look too long at it, you’ll plunge like the sick man into the depths of despair.

But look to the King of Glory, whom the world does not recognize as He walks in our midst, and your eyes will be full of light. Keep looking and you’ll see the stirring of the water, not the water of any pool, but the Living Water that He makes well up inside of you. You’ll see that He is alive, and He is here.

Something is stirring at Cornerstone Church. It is the supernatural touch of Jesus. Come Sunday with an expectant heart, with eagerness to plunge into the water of His grace.