Ministry Team

It is important to have a united and Christ-centered ministry team that holds firm to the Word and is able to give instruction in sound doctrine. By God’s grace, we have assembled a team of Elders, Deacons and Staff who hold together and hold to the Scriptures.

Jeff Kliewer

Senior Pastor, Elder

Ministry Team - John Lasken

John Lasken

Associate Pastor

Erik Myer

Elder, Chairman

Ministry Team - Michael Stocklin

Michael Stocklin

Elder, Worship Leader

Ministry Team - Rick Thompson

Rick Thompson


Ben Honeyford

Youth Pastor

Ministry Team - Nate Nabinger

Nate Nabinger


Rob Randall


Ministry Team - Ralph Roesler

Ralph Roesler


Ministry Team

Don Snowden


John Dotoli

Men’s Ministry Leader

Ministry Team - Allison Norton

Kimberly Ellis

Women’s Ministry Leader

Ministry Team - Dave Ritt

Dave Ritt